Developing Around Oil and Gas Pipelines

Completing projects around licenced pipelines can be an expensive and time consuming process. The requirements of each pipeline operator varies, the Australian Standard (AS2885) to which developers must comply with is overwhelmingly long and technical and the state legislation places significant risk on the developer.

When the interface between the developer and pipeline operator is not managed correctly, obtaining approvals required to proceed with developments can lead to significant delays. In some cases, delays of over 12 months have been experienced.

AFS Projects know the pipeline operators, the Australian Standard and the legislation. We have ensured many projects were able to work around oil and gas pipelines with no interruption to the project schedule.

Types of developments in which we have supported the approval process on behalf of the developer are:

Housing estates

New industrial / commercial estates

New roads or duplications of existing roads

New rail lines or intermodal terminals

Stormwater drains and

Utility installation

AFS Projects have managed approvals for over 90 different pipeline interfaces. Our level of involvement can vary depending on the developer’s requirements. AFS Projects can act to support the developer obtaining the approvals, alternatively, we can entirely manage the interface with the pipeline operator.

Below are photos of just a few examples of the projects we’ve helped manage:

New carriageway over 6 oil & gas pipelines

Image: New carriageway over 6 oil & gas pipelines belonging to 4 licensees for Major Road Projects Victoria.